If Given the Choice Between “24” and “Heroes”…

two_and_a_half_men_tv_showChoose “C”. If there isn’t one, just go to bed. It’s amazing – like these two shows are the Titanic – the best, the most brilliant, opening up a wide range of possibilities of the future of television. Shows about ordinary people with awesome powers duking it out in broad daylight with laser beam eyes and punches that could take out a city block. Shows about the indomitable spirit of one man when it comes to saving his country, doing whatever it takes, and then running when the government that gave him the blank check, cashed it for him.

That’s cool television. But, like the Titanic, these shows are sinking. Slowly. Very slowly. Slow enough that I still want to watch to see if there are any survivors. To see if they can actually kill Jack (short answer: no. long answer: no.) Tony’s a bad guy again? Or rather, he always was? Ok. Cool. So Renee’s love interest is dead at the hands of Tony? *yawn* Elisha Cuthbert’s career not going as she planned? The “House of Wax” with Paris Hilton didn’t boost her meter as high as she thought? That’s ok, she’ll always be Jack’s daughter, let’s bring her back. Touching reunion. *yawn* Janeane Garofalo still on? *yawn*

And don’t even get me started about Heroes. Why am I still watching? I don’t know. Because it’s on the DVR when I get home, and I need something to bitch about for writing material? Because, like the child on Christmas Eve, I really hope that THIS Monday, I’ll unwrap the gift, and it WILL BE the Millenium Falcon! But, like most Christmases, it isn’t. It’s the sweater my mom wants me to wear for school pictures. Let me put it to the writers thusly: WE ONLY LIKE SEEING FIGHTS AND SYLAR BEING EVIL. Cool, got it?

All right. Next week – I’ll watch the phenomenon that America keeps talking about, “Two and Half Men”.