Hot or Not? (Muffin of Death Edition)

lucy-liuI will be the first to admit that I enjoyed “Charlie’s Angels”. The first one. The second one with Demi Moore, not so much. But the first one – totally enjoyed. It was made at the height of Drew Barrymore’s, Cameron Diaz’s and Lucy Liu’s popularity. Had fun action, humorous dialogue, and these three chicks in bikinis and the like.

In the beginning of the film – there is a little scene in which Lucy Liu attempts cooking, and creates these muffins that are hard as rock, and the girls start tossing around and one sticking in the door. Cameron calls them “Chinese throwing muffins” or “Muffins of death” or something of that ilk. Anyway – the shot that cuts back to her after the muffin sticks in the door is one of my favorite Lucy “looks”.

On top of that, she was awesome in “Kill Bill” (a chick with a samurai sword – come on!); a voice on the super-awesome, should not be missed, fantastic animated “Afro Samurai: Resurrection” (starring Samuel Jackson) – and when you hear her voice and the leggy villain she’s voicing, the two just belong together, like chocolate chip cookies and milk. AND – she was in an episode of “Coach”. Now, who didn’t love that show?

Besides – she has freckles.

Lucy Liu - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - batten down the hatches, hot ahoy! (52%)
  • Not - bring this ship to port. (48%)
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