Call off the Google Dogs.

topiary3So, there’s been a lot of debate over the Schick Quattro Trim commercial (US Version). Oddly enough, none of the women have really been commenting on the suggestion that they “trim” themselves into nice shapes, like globes, rectangles and octagons – but rather, they want to know who sang this song, and what song it is.

Weird, I know. I think the suggestion that the topiary be turned into a winding spiral deserves a comment, however, this commercial is CLEARLY not directed to me. So – it looks like someone has stepped up to take some credit and give us an update on the music. My suggestion, take it with a water-softener size grain of salt. But apparently, people are still Googling like crazed zombies over this thing.

oh my…everyone really is in a tizzy over this song…most of the time when i sing for a commercial…it has been written specifically…this was a cool piece of music from a writer a music house called amber in nyc…i just made noises over seems there may be a chance schick will ask us to to record a longer version..which i would love to do…i think the more everyone hassles schick people the more likely they are to do it…it is prety addictive I must admit…i find myself humming it a lot…so lets hope we get the chance to go finish it…

angela x
(Angela McCluskey)