Terminate Yourself!

iamterminated2No, that’s not a slam. That’s a request. The internet brings us such fun and fanciful ways to senselessly promote movies.

Let’s face it. Adam, Sandy, Fred, Joel and I are mentally already in line to see this movie. There’s no doubt. HOWEVER – studios put together grand budgets to create websites like this to try and lure people who are on the fence. Really? You really think you’re gonna “lure” Kate to the movie with a site in which you can upload a picture of yourself, and apply Terminator damage?!

I think not.

But that doesn’t make me love this any less.

And guys, I’ve already got tickets for IMAX midnight showing. Joel, you bring the baby excuse. Adam, you bring the blind love. Fred, you bring your stoic acceptance of all of Adam’s jokes. Sandy, you bring the passive aggressiveness.

[Terminate Yourself]