Perhaps I’m old fashioned in the very recent sort of way

pussyWhen’s the last time you called another guy a pussy?  Sometimes I love using 7th-Grade-Gym colloquialisms, like calling a guy a pussy when he deserves it, or calling someone a Gaywad, if they’re really being a Gaywad. “You Gaywad.”

Last week a friend told me about a male friend who got married and took the woman’s last name. Now, I don’t jive with the concept of the “traditional” woman or “traditional” values. It occurs to me that the good old days people talk about and Republicans are determined to force us to return to…never existed. I don’t think a woman should take my last name. I could care less, keep yours, or hyphenate mine in there if you really like me that much, or whatever, but I’m not taking my wife’s last name. So I said “What a pussy.” Was that wrong? Is that sexist?

That’s a pussy move. Right?