Hot or Not? (Wow, Was I Wrong Edition)

Hot or Not Weekly RecapI admit it. I was wrong. Apparently, my skills at identifying “hotness” are a little off as repeatedly mentioned by many of you.

For the record, Rose McGowan IS hot. However, CityGirl had the best comment:

forget the eyes and lips…look at her chin. i think she’s robert pattinson in drag…

Damn. I should hire her to write these – that’s a FANTASTIC comment. Overall, we picked pretty hot people. Recap the poll results after the jump.

Also – FYI – polls are only live for 24 hours. We deliver one of these a day, so if you want your say, you got 1 day to do it – don’t miss it!

Alicia Silverstone - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - She's blonde, killer legs and quirkiness, sign me up! (60%)
  • Not - Like an expired banana, time to throw her out. (40%)
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Simon Cowell-Hot or Not?

  • Not: off you go. No, not that way. The door's over there. My GOD, that was awful. (57%)
  • Hot! (43%)
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Rose McGowan - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - are you on crack? Look at her - LOOK AT HER! (76%)
  • Not - let's just call the whole Robert Rodriguez thing a mistake and leave it at that. (24%)
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Padma Lakshmi - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - She cooks. In fact, I'm gonna start watching Top Chef. (86%)
  • Not - Pack up your knives and hide behind the counter. (14%)
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