The “Economy” is Getting a Bad Rap

closed-for-businessAt what point do we stop blaming the “Economy” for shitty places closing? If Ed Debevic’s were to close tomorrow, or, in reality, Mr. Beef on Orleans, it is now being considered a casualty of these “tough times” and not one of poor service, shitty food or bad management.

Ladies and Gentlemen – I propose this. If Mr. Beef closes, it’s because the beef is bland. Because the burgers are frozen patties tossed onto a very hot grill. Because the sausage has been sitting there for 9 hours with a man that’s not quite sure what soap is turning it with his fingertips. Because the guy taking your order forgets what you ordered WHILE he’s yelling it to the guy standing 3 feet away from him. And, last time I checked, it’s not cool to say, “Ah fuck. Where the hell is the butter?” When there’s a customer standing right on the other side of the counter.

That’s why you close.