Schadenfreude Rent Party – CLOSEUP!

This Friday, 4/10 – the Rent Party returns to the Gallery Cabaret, 2020 N. Oakley, 9PM Show, $10 Door, $2.50 Drinks, $0 Food. Chances are good you’re gonna get lucky.

LMPToday, we’re gonna tell you about a sketch comedy group – Lakewood Manor Players.

Born in 2005, they setup a home for improvisers who – oh screw it. Here’s the copy from their site:

The Players began much like the first twenty minutes of “The Goonies”, a wily pack of misfits trying to discover comedic gold and save their parents poor real estate foresight, each equipped with their own quirky personality trait.

They were brought to our attention with the meteoric hit that has sold millions on iTunes – “What Happens on Clark Street Stays on the Facebook.

We look forward to them sharing the stage with Schadenfreude’s Meathead-in-Residence, Todd Voorhies.  In the meantime – get to know them!

Come on out – it’s your job to help the Economy.  Obama said so.  And we know you voted for him.