Hey GM, did you not understand the assignment?

gm-segway-pumaWhen I ask Sheila a question, and she answers after having clearly not listened to me for a moment, she realizes this, and says, “Sorry, I didn’t understand the assignment.” The classic “Get Out of Jail Free” card from high school. It’s ok, it’s our shorthand for me to know that she knows I know she wasn’t listening. (Follow that?!)

I feel like GM didn’t quite understand the assignment when 30 years ago they decided on many of the policies that brought them to where they are today. Should they file for bankruptcy? I don’t know. I think “Yes, teach those jackasses that it’s not a good idea to run a bad business.” But then the reality of all the people being affected brings it sharply back into perspective. Hell, Obama bailed AIG, why not GM?

And then I see this. The “PUMA” concept vehicle a personal Segway device. With windshield and room for two.

And I think GM didn’t understand the assignment.