Need a Little Help from Our Friends.

openWe were getting ready for Friday’s Rent Party (super-awesome spectacular event you should probably come out and see) when Justin reminded us that Miles was on “Chic-A-Go-Go”. While playing a game of “Stink or No-Stink” (I think you get the idea, and the general rule is – STINK, unless there is corroborating evidence to the contrary), we started throwing out bar names to include in a sketch. Someone called out HiTops – when someone asked, “Are they still around? It would be embarrassing if they weren’t.”

Good or ill, no one sitting around the coffee table could say with 100% accuracy that they were, in fact, still in business. That led to a YELP! search, a Google Business Directory look-up – and a call out on our Twitter account. We came to the conclusion that yes, it technically still is in business – but not where we thought it was, but somewhere new, and the place it was is now someplace different.

So – can we ask you about a few more places – just to make sure we don’t look old when referencing the Hudson Club?

  • Alive One
  • The Gin Mill
  • The Funky Buddha
  • Tuscany – on Clark and Waveland
  • White Star
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Manhole
  • Red No5
  • Crowbar
  • Gino’s East

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks – we have a show coming up on Friday, and need some answers – STAT!