Hot or Not? (Weird Lip, Crazy Eye Edition)

Rose McGowanThis is probably one of the most legitimate questions I’ve asked so far in this ongoing series. Rose McGowan, spend 6 years on “Charmed” has done a couple of movies, most recently “Grindhouse” with that dude from “Six Feet Under” who had marital problems and 7 kids, and she’s involved (married?) to Robert Rodriguez.

If I’m not mistaken, she wanted to play Barbarella in Rodriguez’s proposed remake of the film – but Hollywood said, “No.” And I’m inclined to go with Hollywood on this one.

I watched “Charmed” – I watched her muddle her way through as the Shannen Doherty replacement. I watched her wacky, glassy eyes do the “Whatcha’ talkin’ about Willis” thing. Her lip is worse than Alicia Silverstone, and her physical comedy reminds me of a completely unpolished Marlee Matlin. (yes, I know Marlee is NOT a physical comedian, nor an actress – hence – my point)

She looks nice and all in still pictures – but either live or on Memorex, the flaws bust through. I’m going with NOT. Any takers?

Rose McGowan - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - are you on crack? Look at her - LOOK AT HER! (76%)
  • Not - let's just call the whole Robert Rodriguez thing a mistake and leave it at that. (24%)
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