Finally Saw “House”

SO Kal Penn is now the liaison to the Asian constituents – and no longer Dr. Kutner on “House.” Two things about that.

1. I feel kinda bad for all the stoners, and Neil Patrick Harris. Not that his career is going terribly wrong right now (I’m pretty sure he’s on a sitcom) – but let’s face it – that movie made him popular and allowed him to break out of the “Doogie” persona. So – let’s hope he doesn’t need a last-minute career resuscitation, because there’s no way Obama is gonna let him go do another one of those.

2. I can’t yet tell if the writing on “House” to get him off the show is lazy, genius or last-minute. Usually, with dramas like this, they “set the stage” for something like this. You know, a “cry for help” at some point that is very minute, but there. Here – someone asks where Kutner is. Twenty seconds later, they find his dead body with a bullet in the brain in a pool of blood. And instead of resolving it they say, “Hey – sometimes people just kill themselves” and slap up an after-school message at the end of the episode about calling someone if you’re thinking about suicide. And now, they have a “memorial” on the site to a character that WE have to wonder why he did it. Sad thing is, WE know WHY he did it – he’s serving his country.
Lazy. Pure lazy. How long did they know he was going to leave? Was it just in the middle of the season, was it earlier, what?! Now, I’m stuck with the writers telling the characters how they are going to deal with this “senseless” suicide for the rest of the season. It’s taken a very dark turn, especially when I just tune in to see a little more of Cuddy’s leg (notice how she’s getting tartier as the seasons go on?). And what’s the deal with always having to bring up 13’s bi-sexuality? They make it an issue every chance they get, and yet, they have never written a lesbian scene for her. Put up or shut up.

Oh – and I guess “Congratulations” to Kal Penn.