What movie made you want to kill yourself?

watchmen_photo08I Don’t know the whole story, but some kid has killed himself during a screening of Watchmen. This can be taken one of two ways. Yes, I agree, that this is a milestone for Superhero movies, a day I thought would never come and it actually may NOT get any better than this. I’ve seen it twice and find it too hard to get over that it exists. Of course, there’s a second way to take it – the world’s most negative review. I could never kill myself because it would upset my parents quite a bit, plus, like I’m going to miss G.I. Joe, Iron Man 2, or Nolan’s next Batman movie?? But if I were the suicide type, and I decided that I was going to turn in a very loud “thumbs down.” I’d have done it during either Problem Child, Stay Tuned, Little Nicky, or Reality Bites. And if I was going to kill myself during Watchmen because it’s the best Superhero movie ever, I would totally do it with a fistful of Oxycontin. That movie would get supergood before it ended.