Oh I get it, ask the black guy who he thinks is going to win the basketball game.

obamabracket3No one has ever called me a liberal – and that’s by design – but I gotta tell ya I felt a little uneasy every time some news guy would talk about President Obama’s NCAA bracket. Sorry but that’s just bad form, unless of course you’ll be asking him who he has picked to win the next Stanley Cup. Otherwise – not cool.

Or is it? Let’s discuss

Even in this new age of racial enlightenment there does seem to be at least two things we are still allowed to be racist about without getting into trouble. And both of these have Barry’s stamp of approval on them. First, dancing. Black people dance better than white people – it’s just a scientific fact. Otherwise, why, when asked if he agreed with the sentiment that Bill Clinton was America’s first black president did Obama say, and I quote: “We’ll, I’d have to see how good he dances…” Okay, so dancing is on the table. And so is basketball, apparently. As I already mentioned he seemed more than happy to share his bracket with us, and during his campaign when question about his bowling abilities he responded by saying that instead of a bowling alley he might install a basketball court in the White House. Ouch. I actually cringed when I heard that. It was like hearing Katt Williams use the N-word. Sure, he’s allowed to say it but it’s not helping the cause. Mr. President, don’t you realize what white people think when they hear things like that? They think; “See, I told ya”.