Hot or Not? (“American Idol” Edition)

cowell1Look, there are plenty of things about Simon Cowell that are not sexy.  Like his hedgehog haircut, his propensity for showing off his cleavage, the shoes he chooses to wear with jeans (check it out next time you see a full body-shot), his sunburn, and the fact that he smokes menthols.  But, there’s something about Simon that is kinda hot.  Like that he is right 99% of the time, can laugh at himself, winks and occasional calls women words like “minx.”  And when he and Paula flirt with each other, it’s adorable. Also, here’s something: women secretly love a British man who is bratty and easily bored. Really, what it is with Simon is that you must accept the parts of him that are not, and when you do, you realize that deep down he is truly hot.

Simon Cowell-Hot or Not?

  • Not: off you go. No, not that way. The door's over there. My GOD, that was awful. (57%)
  • Hot! (43%)
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