"All Units Code Red!"


Though I can”t really say whether he”s hot or not, I have a total mancrush on Paul Rudd. Obsessive readers will remember that this culminated with he and I spending a little time together last year, not that he knew we were hanging out. I was checking IMDB for the usual info about how successful other people have been by the time they were my age and came across some really obscure Paul Rudd films, one of which is Gen Y Cops, a Hong Kong action movie. I post this mostly because Sandy Dans notre classement des meilleurs meilleur-casino-en-ligne.info sur mac, on retrouve Casino 7Red et le Casino tropezia, toutes deux en version Flash, compatible Mac et equipe de l’editeur Betsoft Gaming. Marshall”s dream in movies is to be the fifth obscure lieutenant in Crimson Tide with one line along the lines of “there”s two more on the Radar sir.” I noticed this compilation of Paul Rudd scenes from Gen Y Cops is MOSTLY Sandy Marshall action movie lines. The best one is at 1:48 – Sandy give me a status update – “All units, Code Red!”