Schadenfreude Rent Party – CLOSEUP!

Robert BuscemiThe Rent Parties begin in a mere 5 days – and the lineups this time around are so freakin’ fantastic, we just had to take time out to highlight ’em!

Friday, April 10th, 9PM, $10, Gallery Cabaret – 2020 N. Oakley.

We’ve got Chicago’s Best Stand-Up (so says The Reader) in our first show out of the gates! At least, that’s what he advertises on all his self-promotion social network sites, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flutter, Friendster and FriendBook. Robert Buscemi has been a long-time guest at the Schadenfreude Rent Parties, and we’re glad to have him back. Normally, we would do an interview/question/answer kinda thing. But we’re lazy, and Buscemi never answers any questions – so we just went to his site and ripped off some other interview he did… with himself. Or something.

How do the Germans get “leFFF” from “lieugh-tenant,” or however it’s spelled? There’s no “F” in sight, is there?
No. There’s not. Hey, do me a favor and handcuff yourself to that chair in my breakfast nook, will you?

Great. Is the interview over?

A better question might be … did it ever really begin?
How is that a better question?

Oh lord. You just killed our ending. There was this comic rhythm that dictated that you not respond to that question, Einstein.
Oh, sorry. Right. My bad. And it’s Tim. I’m Tim.

So come on out – and not only will Robert make you laugh, he’ll try to get you to buy one of his awesome DVDs*.
*(satisfaction NOT guaranteed)