Hot or Not? (Curled Lip Edition)

alicia_silverstoneSO here’s the quandry.  Personally, I don’t find this woman the least bit attractive.  Nothing but bad movie choices, completely forgettable – except in the sense that she is so bad, it’s hard to forget her.

However, in talking with some friends – they actually find this woman hot.  It’s one of those incredulous moments where you remember back to times when you got drunk at a house party in college off some Boones Farm because it was the cheapest stuff you could drink, and divulged some pretty dark secrets about stealing from the register at the Subway you worked at during high school – and you THOUGHT you knew someone when they drop the bomb that this is one of the women on their “List.”

Are you effing serious?  Her?  Batgirl?  The chick from that movie about high school in the 90s with Paul Rudd?  The gal who, I’m sure, did some other movie that I don’t really care about who’s sole talent is having a curled lip that makes it look like she’s expired?

Perhaps I’m missing something, I’m willing to admit it, but let’s get some consensus.  What say you?

Alicia Silverstone - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - She's blonde, killer legs and quirkiness, sign me up! (60%)
  • Not - Like an expired banana, time to throw her out. (40%)
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