Ed Debevic’s Review

No to Ed DebevicsOn a terrible Sunday afternoon, after a morning of working – it’s important to pick the “right place” to refuel. Since we are working in the River North area, the choices of places to eat are great! There’s Planet Hollywood Gino’s East, Hooters, Some Sushi/Deli, Ed Debevic’s… Too many too mention. Today, we decided, Ed Debevic’s. Why? Well, half of us had never been there, and the other half couldn’t remember what the experience was like. I think we can sum this up in 2 seconds:

Don’t Go.

It’s not that we mind that the wait staff is fake rude to us – heck, it’s fun enough to “play along” with them. The problem is that the food is “real” shitty. It’s $10 for anything. Want a side of fries? $10. Want a burger that was just thawed 30seconds ago? $10. Want some chicken tenders from McDonald’s across the street? $10.

No to dancing.To add insult to injury – for about 5 minutes every hour our waitstaff decides to stand on tables and counters and dance. And the last thing we need is our overweight 50s house mom yelling at me to clap harder while she does the chicken dance.

And the food? Don’t ask.

Overall – two overwhelmingly huge thumbs down. Is it possible to delete restaurants from Google Maps? And Yelp? Does anyone use Yelp? Oh – and if we hear that anyone, ANYONE, suggest to a visiting relative/friend:

You should totally go to Ed Debevic’s

We will hunt you down like the rabid rat you are.