TBS – Not Very Funny

[youtube width=”425″ height=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rasCU20kqgg&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

Anyone see these commercials on TBS?  They show up when coming right out of the “Family Guy” block on Wednesday nights or something like that.

There’s  a bunch of them.  Advertising everything from beer to cars to airlines or something.  I don’t even know.  All I know is that they really piss me off.  The whole tone, the whole setup.  That these people are ACTUAL stand up comics who have allowed themselves to be raped like this is even more disgusting.  I mean, the audience has to be paid actors, right?  Is anyone out there watching this right now laughing?  Or hooting?  Or oooooohing? Or making any facial response whatsoever to the :30 of “comedy”?  How much do you think Michael Kosta was paid for this?

Hey DeWitt – I know you wouldn’t ever do this, but please don’t do this.  If you do, I will not hesitate to call you out on this site.  And on Twitter – and after those 30 people know – I’ll drop a Google Bomb the size of Hiroshima on your ass.