Need a Job for 5 Weeks?

Will Work for FoodHELP WANTED! Because we’re producing some rent parties starting next week, and because we’re too old and tired to book a door person ourselves, we’re looking to you, readers, to help us out.

Working the door at Schadenfreude Rent Parties is a time-honored tradition of those currently juiced-in for lifelong favors within the Chicago improv community and a couple of Aldermen.

Duties include:

  • Serving as point of reception for all incoming guests
  • Managing comp list
  • Directing special guests to Schadenfreude
  • Probably getting yelled-at by Justin for something that has nothing to do with you
  • Wondering why Sandy is acting all passive aggressive
  • Trying to remember Stephe’s name
  • Thinking Kate’s “just great”
  • Possibly meeting luminaries such as:
    • Cenko
    • Tommy
    • Fisherman Bart
  • Probably getting laid

References not required and theater experience not recommended.  No dress code.  Themed costumes welcome.

You will drink for free and you will be handling a ton of cold, hard cash.  We’re well aware that if you pocket an extra ten bucks we probably won’t know.   Just don’t be a dick.

Special: Nobody over 30.  No Blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, or Guys.

Job Runs Friday nights from 4/10 – 5/8, 7.30PM – 9PM.  Or thereabouts.

Please apply in the comments.