Jay Cutler is a Bear!

Jay CutlerAnd by “Bear” – I don’t mean husky, hairy, big male homosexual.  I mean Chicago Bear.  As in the the football team.

This is the single best trade the Chicago Bears and Angelo have pulled off in my short career as a Bars fan.

It’s exciting to see how the Bears react to the IOC being in town this week.  If they weren’t here, he would have gone to the Vikings, and we could have watched as our neighbors to the west/north head to the Superbowl.  So, thank you IOC.  I know a lot of people in the blogosphere are bashing you, making you out to be criminals, think you cause the city to become one big hypocritical cesspool, bigger than it already is, some are even talking about you needing something “under the table” to “push the Chicago agenda” – but I say, “So what if all that’s true.”

Because of you, we have a real QB.  A QB who has seen a whole season of play.  A QB who has been to the Pro-Bowl – and not as a spectator.

I believe in the IOC, and so should you.