Hot or Not? (Boy Vampire Edition)

55990848CG032_Photocall_ForHello! I am not a member of Schadenfreude but that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions on what makes people hot, or the opposite (not).  And while like every female on the planet I enjoy debating the hot/not-ness of other ladies, I figured it was time we put dudes up on the chopping block as well.  And I guess because Kate James has a life or she’s too uppity for such tasks, it fell to me.

So I decided to get started with the first guy who popped up on my gossip reading for the day: Robert Pattinson.  In case you don’t know him, he’s famous for playing Edward the sexy vampire in the movie “Twilight”.

I haven’t seen or read Twilight, which I think presents the biggest question–can this guy be hot without his vampire connotations?   Because minus that whole eternal immortal beloved thing, he’s just sort of a squinty-eyed pale guy with ridiculous hair and tiny teeth.

Am I missing something?  Maybe I just prefer my vampires a little more old school.

Robert Pattinson: Hot or Not?

  • Not (73%)
  • Hot! Dreamy! Swoony! (27%)
  • Hot! But only as a vampire. (0%)
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