You’ve Been Punk’d!

Look, I like watching a good football to the groin as much as anyone. As a matter of fact if America’s Funniest Videos ever did a retrospective of nothing but guys taking nut shots I am pretty sure that would be the funniest hour of television ever. Just thinking about it makes me want to laugh and cover my junk. But hiding behind your sofa then throwing a football at your un-expecting room mate’s crotch as he enters the living room does not constitute as a “practical joke”. To that end neither does pushing him off a roof. There is nothing clever or cunning about launching a physical attack on someone who is otherwise not anticipating it. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure there are laws concerning “laying in wait”. (And you thought an NRA membership was good for nothing) 



So this April Fools lets try a little harder folks. No more projectiles to the nether regions. No more surprise attacks while someone is taking a shower or a dump. Waiting for someone to find themselves in a naturally vulnerable situation and then blindsiding them with an oversized exercise ball to the face is not funny… Well, ok, maybe the physio-ball is funny, you got me there, but you get my point.

Tell you what. Why don’t we make this an audience participation thing. Give me your best practical joke ever whether it happened on April Fools day or not. And again, I’m looking for things that don’t include physically maiming people or severely reducing their chances at having children.


I’ll start:


My junior year in college I took a fake plastic human poop, dipped it in water and placed it on my room mates desk with a note that said, in short, “This is for being such a shit to everyone”. I left the room and went to have dinner knowing he would find my little gift while I was away. Upon my return I found an absolutely hysterical Matt Reynolds fuming and railing about how I needed to “get help” because I was “mentally ill” and needed professional therapy. Of course all I could do is stand there laughing my head off which only infuriated him even further. It took an honest to god ten minutes before I could catch my breath tell him that it was all just an April Fools joke. The funniest part was after the reveal when Matt shared with me that what disturbed him most was being forced to imagine how it got there. Did I scoop it out of the toilet with my bare hands or did I actually squat on his desk and deposit it directly?


Now your turn. Let’s hear it.