Oh, Please No.

The Baby SnuggieI know the Snuggie craze has hit a new low.  I mean, it’s one thing to put on the equivalent to a hospital gown made of fleece, and sit on your couch, but when people start organzing Snuggie Pub Crawls (yeah Barnes, I’m looking at you) it’s a completely different thing.

It becomes a whooooole ‘nother thing when people start taking the fleece-y goodness, and making it look like you and your baby are from some C-class sci-fi film from the 80s.  Seriously – I think I saw this alien attack several college co-eds while watching USA Up All Night with Gilbert Gottfried.  This can’t be done, and needs to be stopped.  I’m not a mom, nor do I have any kids, and I’m sure I’ll catch hell – but there are just some things that you give up when you become a parent.  One of them is Snuggies.  Do yourself a favor, and save it for when the kid goes down for a nap, and you want to catch 30 winks on the couch.  Don’t stroll down the street with a child all covered, forcing your stomach area to catch fire because of all the heat generated with nowhere to expel.  This is gonna turn into a new condition called “Snuggie-burn”.  Better yet would be eyeing one of these at a Starbucks.  Imagine the lawsuit when the mom doesn’t realize her hot latte is that hot, and dribbles a little down her chin.

Danger.  Danger in practice, danger in fashion, danger to the future of the human race.  Oh yeah, it’s called a “Peekaru”.


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