I wish I beat people up in High School…and I wish Glenn Beck went to my High School

glenbeckOh my God! I can’t believe what Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity/Howard Stern just said!!┬áConservative Entertainers have always been one step away from Morning Zoo guys – peddling “CRAZY” opinions at low low prices with a prank call coming at the top of the hour. That’s why I was so shocked to see the complete embrace of the idea by a major political party? Really? You’re going to put all your chips on that? Stern can’t avoid the topic of someone’s rehab, and Limbaugh can’t agree with the President, it’s their bit. If you’re a politician, you’re supposed to take in all the info and make a decision. Supposed to. None of this is my point, merely fascinating commentary on how Republicans came to the simple, weak, self-definition of “Not Democrats.”

I hate posting this because I’m smart enough to understand that the point of his show IS to get word-of-mouthy press along the lines of this post, BUT, doesn’t Glenn Beck remind you of the “nobody” in High School? Remember the kid who didn’t play sports, wasn’t a nerd, wasn’t in theatre, wasn’t a punk or stoner, didn’t hang with the rednecks or metalshop crew, belonged to no school clubs, and wasn’t funny in class? That’s who Glenn Beck reminds me of. Conservative talk radio/tv has made so many idiots overnight intellectuals complete with a list of opinions and why they have them. All of a sudden anyone can have a political opinion, and if politics is the new Sports, you better brush up on your pointless hometeam argument points. You can Obama all you want, I’m just saying FDR – four rings baby.

The photo I have is of Glenn on Earth Day Hour Minute Global Green Day Hour – whatever the fuck it was called. I turned my lights off because it’s fun to be a part of things…just things. I’m not sure what Hands Across America did, but I’m not going to set fire to the dogs of anyone who participated. So, you see, snicker, Glenn, giggle, turned all his lights ON. Get it? Because he’s a NotDemocrat. Now I’m supposed to get outraged because he’s being opposite on non-opposite day but I’m actually more annoyed that this is what passes for “interesting.”