Tuesday 24 Wrap-Up: Jack’s a Goner.

24 Season 7
So, how do the writers get themselves out of this one? Last night’s episode introduced the confirmation of biological weapons developed in an African nation, and brought to the United States, all funded by Haliburton Starkwood.

On top of that we have a female president.
Who just asked her daughter to take over as Acting Chief of Staff.
Who’s husband was drugged, almost hung and shot. In the span of 4 hours.

Oh yeah, and she hates terrorism. Really hates it. Unlike other Presidents, she campaigned against stopping terrorism, and started working against it the moment she took office. Isn’t it great to have such multi-dimensional characters written for us?

The big reveal this week? Jack has an airborne biological WMD inhaled into his lungs – which, we have been told dozens and dozens of times in a single hour that there is no cure for. *sigh*

No cure except for the fact that in 2 hours, Angelina Jolie’s dad will have the “cure” (of which there is none, remember – it’s IMPOSSIBLE) and trade immunity for the cure or something like that. Between that and the military Waco-ish standoff between Haliburton Starkwood and the FBI – this show has me caught like a kid staring at the Sear’s catalog right before Christmas. *sigh*