Hot or Not? (Material Girl Edition)

MadonnaIt was bound to happen. The girl that provided millions of teenage boys endless fantasies late at night on MTV. The girl that inspired a million little girls in our grade schools to tease their hair, color strands of it purple, and wear lace as wristbands.

Those were the good old days. Fortunately, she grew up with us. When we got just old enough, she released a sealed book simply called “Sex”. In it were, apparently, pictures of her having sex – or something. I never quite got around to purchasing the book, and didn’t know anyone who did, but I’m sure it was hot.

And the videos. The videos that continued to get hotter and hotter – even while her music was being embraced by the gay community more and more. The peepshow video with the kid? Whatever song that was – that one will live forever in the soft glow of my memory.

And I think that’s the issue – my memory of her is fantastic. However, when I look at her now, she’s busy with kids, and adopting, and trying to be a “real” mom, and getting mad at people who won’t stop following her and taking her picture and revering her like the superstar she is and spent the majority of her life trying to achieve. Now, she’s just…. old.

So, fellow readers – what say you?  Does the memory of her dancing around half-naked at 1AM on MTV land her an honorary hotness?  OR should we just kinda forget about her, and live with the memory, not needing it to update it with the thought of her breast feeding Lourdes? (I know she’s like 12 or something, but still an image that you have now.  You’re welcome.)

Madonna - Hot or Not?

  • Not - She should just fade away, don't sully the memory... (71%)
  • Hot - Always was, always will be. Don't care how old she gets. (29%)
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