Does Anyone Watch “Heroes” Anymore?

heroes_hirodino_desktopI’m just wondering if I’m alone here.  I don’t know why I still watch it, it’s not really getting any better.  In fact, it’s getting worse.  The plots are… well… missing.  The characters are amongst the most 2-dimensional outside of “2 and a Half Men”, and the “hot chicks” in the show aren’t really that hot (subjects for a HoN later).

The big draw was the fact that there was going to be super powered people running around the show doing stuff like flying, shooting laser beams out of their fingers and having promiscous sex.  You know, like a weekly version of “X-Men” – or something equally as good.  But instead this show has turned into “X-Men 3” – except without the blatant special effects of mutant powers covering up a lame plot and bad dialogue.

And yet, I’m still watching – mostly because I keep wanting this show to turn around, and reclaim the glory it had in it’s first season. So, is anyone else watching?