Hot or Not? (Cult Wannabe Edition)

Rosario DawsonHere’s a girl that tries too hard. It’s not that I don’t think she’s hot – but she really turns me off when she’s acting.

  • did anyone like her in Sin City (even if they didn’t like Sin City)?
  • did anyone see Eagle Eye?
  • what’s the deal with Seven Pounds?
  • she was the least impressive of the lady fighters in Deathproof

I think it might be the big ears. In Clerks 2 – all I can remember is these big Dumbo ears flapping… And her hair looks like it was thrown into a dryer, and then glued to the top of a Lego minifig head after lying in the hot desert sun for 19 days.

But hey, that’s just me.


Rosario Dawson - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - shut the hell up. (69%)
  • Not - throw the book at her. (31%)
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