Anyone Watch Lost?

JulietBecause, even though I consider myself a fan of science fiction-y type shows, and can follow complicated plots (ie. Memento and The Race to Witch Mountain) – I do consider myself a little outta my league with this show.

I think it has to do with the fact that I’m not very good with names. I’ve been married to Sheila for 11 years this June. I’ve been a part of her family, going to weddings, funerals, Father’s Day BBQ’s, graduations and the like for all of those 14 years. Even while Sheila was in Delaware for 3 years – I attended as many of the family functions I could, solo. And yet, I’m still confused as to about 35% of the family – in name, and how Sheila (and thusly, I) are related to them. Sure, I recognize the faces, kinda, but when it comes to a quiz, I fail.

I feel like it’s that way with Lost now. Names like “Radzinsky” and “Horace” and “Oldham” show up. And when the character gets introduced, Lost does that “bum-bum” sound – indicating that “this is pretty important” and I “should be paying attention” and “watch what he does now, because it’s intriguing versus the last time you met this character!” and all that other stuff that I spend so much time trying to remember what happened before (or in the future?) that I’m only 1/2 watching what’s going on right now, and miss the whole speculative concern.

And how come no one brings up the numbers anymore? Seriously – you spend 2 seasons “numbers this” and “numbers that” and now anything anyone can talk about is the 3-toed statue that’s at “one end of the island.”

  • And why do dead people keep coming back to life?
  • And can Jack smile? Does anyone still like him? Claire, can you do a hot or not on Jack “Party of 5” Shepard?
  • And after 90 days on the island, everyone still managed to have a clean cut look – when I know that my 5 pack of blades barely last 2 weeks before I start taking chunks of skin off my face.
  • And why is Hugo still fat?
  • Does anyone know the importance of the military burying an A-Bomb on the island?

And finally –


Ok. That’s it. Just had to rant there for a minute.

Oh, and I like Juliet waaaaay better than Kate.