Hey! We’ve Got Something New to Show You.

Color BarsYou’ve probably already figured it out, but the site’s changed! And I think, for the better. We’ve done a LOT of user tests, wondering what it is you guys (and girls) like – and after we threw that data out, we decided to start anew. A couple of things – if you are a Facebook user, you will “automagically” be logged in to this site for commenting purposes. Additionally, being able to share our posts within the “stream” is simply a matter of clicking the “Share” link beneath posts. We’ve cleaned up our RSS feed, and started showing everyone what people are talking about. Whew.

Lots of other little things throughout the site that will make it a bit more pleasant. Also – if you run into some problems, something doesn’t look/work right – just let me know in the comments, and I’ll get right on it – no bullshit.

We’ve got other changes planned – so stay tuned! Happy Sunday.