Hot or Not? (Eva Mendes Edition)

Eva MendesI just can’t tell. Eva photographs well, but she can’t act, and she looks weird on camera. Of course, when you say her name, the only thing that pops into my head immediately is Ghost Rider. I hated that movie on so many levels (plus the fact they are talking reboot – with Nicholas Cage makes me even angrier).

I mean, I get her thing. She’s from Cuba. Yay. She’s got the long dark locks that swirl around her face in the way that makes it look like she’s always salsa dancing – but maybe it’s the mole? I’m not too big with the whole “mole” thing. That could be just me. After hurting my brain thinking about what else she’s been in, I have to go to IMDB… And we come up with winners like “The Spirit” and one episode of “ER” and the wonderful sack of shit, “2 Fast 2 Furious”.

So not only is she not memorable – she chooses really crappy movies to be a part of. I’m going Not.