Can We Chat?

Comcast Menu&#60Public Service Announcement So Pay Attention&#62 Here’s a little request from me to you. Would you mind just coming over here for a minute? Sit down. Can I get you something? No? Ok.

Listen. I think it’s great that you finally entered the 21st century, put away the VCR, and decided to take Comcast up on that great DVR. Seriously. I’ve been talking to you about it for almost 2 years now, and although I could say, “I told you so.” I won’t. That’s not why I asked to see you.

Don’t you just love that you have direct access to so many free movies that you wouldn’t even consider renting in the first place? Don’t you just love the ability to catch up on “Eastbound and Down” on your own time? How about the fact that you can record any show at any time whenever you want?

That’s what I thought. That’s why I brought you here.

I’m just going to say this once. If “Ocean’s 11” is on TNT, and you get a phone call – there is NO REASON to record it, and have it sit there for 3 weeks. It’s taking up valuable space. And if you have 6 episodes of “Damages” on your system – let’s face it, you’re not interested. Go ahead and get rid of it. There’s a certain amount of respect that you need to have for your time, and the DVR allows you to abuse it. ANY movie on broadcast TV can easily be rented – and you get the unedited without commercials – so just say no. Take the call, ignore the TV. Did you really record the Pistons/Lakers game? Seriously? Just stop. If you don’t have the priority to make time and watch it – then you don’t need it. You’ll get the highlights online, on ESPN, or from your co-worker. And for the sake of everything that is holy, don’t let your wife take control of the DVR. If you don’t pay attention, before you know it, you’ll have MONTHS of Lifetime Movies regarding female doctors who are trying to balance life, love and discovering themselves. And then, when you try to get that episode of LOST. There’s not enough room. And then who wins? Huh? There’s nothing wrong with sharing – just keep her in check, cool?

Ok great. Listen, I gotta go. I’m supposed to be taking the dog for a walk or meeting with a client or something. &#60/Public Service Announcement So Pay Attention&#62