The Schad Guide For Living in Chicago

Parking MeterChapter 26: How to Afford to Park on the Street.

With the recent development of ALL parking meters forcing you to sign over whatever value you have left in your house in order to park, it is becoming increasingly important to find ways to “stymie the man”. (I just like the word ‘stymie’).

Here’s one that could work. Bring a Jewel bag with you everywhere you drive. Find a spot, park, apply Jewel bag to top of meter in a raggedy-ass way, and go about your business. You see them all over the city, and no one thinks twice.

When done, LEAVE THE BAG – don’t take it with you, act like nothing is wrong, and DRIVE AWAY. This is not only about helping you, it’s about helping your fellow Chicagoans try to get by in these tough economic times.

Next chapter: Subway is just as good as Potbelly’s – but 1000% cheaper.