Hot or Not? (Baby Got Back Edition)

Kim KardashianFor those of you who have lives, and don’t have an issue of “People” sitting on your coffee table, this is Kim Kardashian. Apparently famous because she has a rather… distinct posterior, as well as a famous family, something to do with Bruce Jenner or something – and then her dad was OJ Simpson’s lawyer (learned that from a quick Wikipedia search) – does it really matter?

This is going to be a defining moment in the Schad Community. How many of you guys out there like butts and can not lie? And before anyone calls foul – she advertises and loves her rumpshaker more than anyone else. So of course it’s the feature that we have to judge her on. Or at least take into account.

If we strip away the fame and fortune and reality TV show – does this beauty deserve a seat at the table with a meal of hotness, or should she get the scraps of notness?