Hot or Not (Because Stephe Isn’t Doing Dudes Anymore Edition)

Uma ThurmanI would like to thank all the ladies who took time out of their day to make some VERY nice suggestions as to men they would like to debate the hotness of. At this time, I invite them all to email me if they would like an account to become a “Hot or Not Contributor” – and as such, may put up a beefcake picture of the dude (clothed or nearly, follow my aesthetic for picture selection) you wish to have debated – and off we go. Cool?

Now we get to what I want to know. Uma Thurman. A very shapely woman. A woman who can wield a Katana. A woman who does heroin when she thinks it’s blow. A woman who can dance. A woman with an incredible unique name, and in one movie, an incredibly large thumb. She’s able to go back and forth. Most of the time back, but every once in awhile, forth.

So, gentlemen – and ladies – what do we think here? Does Uma get inaugurated into the completely judgmental, non-scientific world of Schadenfreude Hotness – or is she tossed into the nothingness of Not-ness?