Hot or Not? (Because Kate Hasn’t Done One Yet Edition)

Christopher EcclestonFor those of you who may not know, this is Christopher Eccleston. Soon enough, he will become a household name – he is playing Destro in the GI Joe movie coming out this summer. (Don’t worry, Sienna Miller, who plays the Baroness WILL be listed here shortly).

For those of you in the know, I don’t need to mention that he was the 10th Doctor in the BBC reboot of “Doctor Who” a few years back. For my money – there was no better Doctor. And I think that’s why I consider this guy hot. That and his guest starring in “Heroes” as a crazed dude who could turn himself invisible at will.

So – looks alone, I’m gonna go not hot. Intriguing, but not hot. IF we consider talent – I love this guy. And I would definitely rank this guy higher than Seth Rogen, who I am still amazed has any sort of “hot” factor whatsoever. I mean, Adam’s all psyched that a “non-Hollywood” guy can be considered hot – but I wonder if those women are REALLY pushing their boyfriends to go see “Observe and Report”.

So, all the single ladies (and married ones too) –