Best Commercial of 2009?

quattro_trimSo last night, I’m watching LOST – and I DVR the show. I pretty much DVR everything, and skip through commercials. It had been roughly 2 1/2 weeks before I understood ANY Facebook message that included the McDonald’s “Gimme that filet-o-fish”. Just had no idea, and honestly, was OK with that.

I’m like that with most commercials. Except when Julie Coe mentions that a commercial is too much.

Again, like every other night – I had skipped through the commercials, and was checking in on FB on the iPhone when I saw Julie’s comment:

Julie Coe is: Really Schick Quattro for Women “Trim Style” commercial… REALLY?

Hmmm… I’m intrigued. So I start rewinding. I quick back through all the shitty commercials I hadn’t paid attention to when I catch a moment of the Schick logo. Stop. Play. Wow.
[flv width=”376″ height=”282″][/flv]
I heartily support this kind of advertising. Mainly because being in the ad biz, I want to have the confidence to walk into a client meeting, and PITCH this with a straight face. Well done.