Hot or Not (Unknown SciFi Star Edition)

No Peeking.If I didn’t tell you who this was, would you be able to identify her? Personally, I’ve had a thing for this girl since seeing her in Johnny Mnemonic.

She’s got that “out of a bottle” look red hair, that just doesn’t occur in nature, but she wears it well. In addition, she’s got a killer body (also seen, in it’s entirety, in Starship Troopers). Her credits also include a role in this season of Burn Notice, Birds of Prey (one of the greatest “let’s get on the superhero bandwagon” TV shows that look like Xena ever produced), and a wonderful little recurring role in the Saw movies.

Normally – the hair is all strung out, kinda like she just stepped off a Van de Graff machine – but I chose this picture. So – this one’s a two-parter.

Without using Google – can you name her (or, perhaps one of the characters she may have played in any of the movies I mentioned above) – and, is she hot?