You Had Me At “Bring The Noise”, Jimmy

So, last weekend while having dinner with Justin & Julie, the subject of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon came up. “I think the house band is The Roots”, said J & J. “No way”, I exclaimed. Surely, if The Roots were the house band I would’ve heard about it. Wouldn’t they include that information in the commercials? Wouldn’t The Roots merit a mention in any of the half dozen articles I read prior to Fallon’s take over? Well, it’s a fact and as I tuned in later that night to confirm the information, I kinda fell in like with the show. I’ve never been a huge Fallon fan, but the show I saw was pretty darn good. Funny bits, great music, etc. Well, last night Fallon upped the ante with Public Enemy & The Roots performing “Bring The Noise”. Damn you, Fallon! You are forcing me to become a fan. I didn’t want to do it… but this performance was downright awesome.