Hot or Not? (Beauty and the Brawn Edition)

Michelle RodriguezNo doubt about it, Michelle Rodriguez can hold her own in ANY action flick. Whether it be driving fast cars with Vin Diesel, killing undead zombie-monsters with Milla Jovovich or even busting heads on an island that seems to skip through time.

Any movie with her – I’m in. Loved her on Lost – thought she brought back true kick-ass women a good name. Not like the ladies that played at being tough because the characters were written that way – she brought tough because she IS tough. I love it.

So – this is definitely a flattering picture. AHEM. The hair, the face, the eyes – all working together. HOWEVER – is it possible for this woman to be too tough. Too brawny. Too… Well… More macho than me? I mean seriously – she could kick my ass while sipping her protein energy drink as a warm-up. And honestly – that scares me. Can I overlook my fear for my life to name her hot?