Hot or Not? (For the Ladies Edition)

owen_wilsonjpgSo we’ve been running these with women. And the women in the Schad reader-verse have spoken. I appreciate their comments on the bevy of beauties (and not so-beauties) we’ve featured, and for their honest appraisal of the situations I’ve presented, I now give one directed to them.

Owen Wilson. I can’t get a fix on this guy. All his characters seem to be a little whiny. He seems to be like a less-handsome Matthew McConnaguewhey (whatever) – like the poor man’s version. However, he’s a very successful, and funny, actor. No doubt about it. (FYI – the goal is to not asses their talents in their chosen profession – but to simply ascertain if the individual is “hot”.)

Does the crooked nose do it for you? Is it the scruffyness? On his own, I wouldn’t say so. Maybe more handsome than the general public – but HOT? I say no.

Luke Wilson… Different story – we’ll get to him in a couple of weeks.