Hot or Not (AZ Edition)

Chloe SevignySo a couple of guys at work (AlphaZeta) were flipping through the recent “Hot or Nots” – and they came up with a few ideas that have a little merit.

Except for Joe. Joe suggested Scarlett Johansson. Honestly, I don’t think how even in an alternate universe of gay men only could ScarJo be found not hot. Of course – if someone out there would like to comment/disagree – please do. (link to her awesomeness)

However – this is one that deserves a few moments – if only to affirm that she is NOT HOT. Chloe Sevigny. Sorry, but I don’t know the special character keyboard shortcut to the two dots over the “u”. She recently got famous because she was hired as “the ugly one” in Big Love. Seriously – if you have 4 wives, I guess one of them should be ugly…

Yeah – there’s just nothing about this women that I find attractive. The hair looks burned out, the face looks like she’s Sara Jessica Parker’s sister (the whole horse thing) and granted, great legs, but that’s like putting a dead rose in an kick-ass vase.