Not sure I get the argument.

limbaughI”ve been loosely following the Limbaugh conversation, but every time someone talks about him I realize that I just do not give a fuck about Limbaugh. I”m so incredibly uninterested in him on any level, someone might as well be talking about American Idol. I”m not sure it”s political as much as I loathe most talk radio. But anyway, I just heard a quote from him about how he hates politicians because they just poll the public and then support whatever the polls pokies online say is most popular. This is a standard opinion against “certain” politicians, but I”m not sure I”ve ever understood the negative in a public servant figuring out what the public wants and then doing that.

I don”t have to be a liberal to point how awful he looks, do I? I mean, all politics aside, if this guy sidled up next to you in the airport, you”d move? Right?

Republicans are on the most misunderstood charitable streak in history, aren”t they?