Hot-or-Not (TNT Edition)

Kyra SedgwickI think it’s just something about the women who are heading up shows on TNT right now.

Previously, I asked about Holly Hunter – who, personally, I’m on the fence about. Still not sure, but the obvious push from readers suggesting she IS hot is making me doubt my initial thesis.

So here’s another one I’m on the fence about, Kyra Sedgwick. In the right light, she’s hot, but then, when she smiles, or talks, or does anything with her mouth (eat, laugh, etc.) she’s got that…. weirdness. Again, it’s the ole’ Seinfeld “Jekyll-Hyde” scenario. So.

I’m on the fence. I THOUGHT I was clear in thinking that Kyra is NOT HOT – but then again, I felt that way about Holly Hunter. But then I read Don Hall’s comment, and, well, agreed.