Why I love living in the 47th Ward

casinoroyale460Every week, Alderman Gene Schulter sends a mass email to everyone who’s on his list about upcoming events in the Ward. Sometimes he emails us and says “Hey, watch out for that intersection at Damen and Montrose because we cut it down to one lane to fix that huge pothole.” It’s the ultimate local update in a city of millions and I love it. So this week I opened my email to learn that the Alderman is sponsoring Casino Royale night! It’s a night of fun and socializing and playing casino games, sponsored by the Alderman. I love it. Here’s the link. It’s 50 bucks to get in so I’ll probably take a pass unless I can get a media pass for having been a fake guest host on 848 on an April Fool’s Day a while back? Maybe I’ll see if I can get a free ticket if I blog about it? Fun!