24 Tuesday Wrap-Up: Special Dedication

bill_buchananjpgYeah, I’ve been slack on keeping up with these, but really – nothing’s changed in the show. No one believes Jack, impossible event that could never happen happens, and then the power-that-be realize that Jack was right… Until next time.

However, last night was a special event. The true death of one of the greatest. Bill Buchanan gave his life in service to his country. Blew up in some fiery explosion because no one in the damned room smelled the gas leaking that Jack had setup. Quite heroic, and in the end, Cherry Jones was saved, and we realize the Big Bad of the season is Angelina Jolie’s dad and Jack Bauer is punk’d once again. But enough about that – let’s spend a little time with remembering Bill….

From the moment Bill stepped foot into CTU during Day 4 – he was the kind of guy you wanted driving the bus. Calm, cool, knew what had to be done, disagreed with Jack when it served dramatic purpose, always knew the clock was counting down, and got to marry Karen Hayes.

dad-billjpgHe was a favorite here in these Schaden-webs. Julie even honored him in a “Separated-at-birth” – in which he is compared to my own dad. In the end, we’ll miss him. And for those of you nay-sayers who say, “Tony was supposed to be dead too.” 24 did the “no ticking clock” when they cut to commercial – the silence in honor of the man who was killed. The last time they used it was when President Palmer was killed. And last time I checked, he hasn’t been back since. Unless the producers decide that zombies are the new thing, and they do a 24 in zombie-land. Which, after this season – may not be all that unexpected.

Bill – in honor of you service and dedication to the country, and my Monday nights – I have scoured the interwebs to find this tribute song to you. Ok. I just went to YouTube and typed in “Bill Buchanan 24” – but none of you did it, so quit your bitching.