Has U2 Jumped the Shark?

(apologies to Joel and Brad who are part of some sort of cult that believes “Electrical Storm” was a good song)

abc_gma_u2_090219_mnjpgThis is my thesis statement: U2 has jumped the shark.

My argument:

  • Appearing on Good Morning America. When was the last time U2 needed to promote themselves so gratuitously on television?
  • Bono actually making comments/caring about other bands. Seriously – U2 always did their thing, and left the rest of the entertainment industry alone. That’s what I liked – they ROSE above that shit. Sure, they always took time to tell me I was doing enough for AIDS research, food pantries or 3rd world countries’ debt – but at least they didn’t waste my time talking trash about Chris Martin. Seriously Bono?

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  • Boots. Ok, am I alone here in thinking this sounds like a cut off of INXS “X”?

I think what’s important for U2 to realize is, it’s OK to retire. You don’t have to be relevant your entire life. If you want to be the Rolling Stones, then just tour with the music everyone remembers loving.

Conclusion: U2 has jumped the shark.