So Heath Ledger won.


heathledgerjacknicholsonjokerOf course it happened a while ago but I just got into a conversation about it and I think I answered wrongly. The question was: absence his death, does Heath Ledger get nominated? The correct answer is – No, he wouldn’t because Superhero movies are stupid and fail to remind us of the lessons of the holocaust or make us rethink our position on homosexuality. But the performance deserves to be nominated and he deserves to win. Anyone who thinks it doesn’t I condemn to say “That’s the guy from 10 Things I Hate About You” a 100 times the next time they watch The Dark Knight.

But the reason I post this is because I just heard the greatest case made for why he should’ve been nominated and won. Not only did he turn in a great, transformative performance, but he took a huge, famous role made legendary and iconic by an incredibly famous, Oscar Winning actor, and rendered it forgettable. I thought that was such a great point. It would be like taking on the role of Inspector Clouseau and forgetting about Peter Sellers entirely, or taking on Superman and making us forget about Christopher Reeve – an actor who has ruined that audition for 1,000’s of actors.